The Education System

The Education System


“Noah Mckay, why do you refuse to participate?”

“Because the Education system is flawed.” It does not challenge students to be creative, they fill in the same answers on the same sheets, the same as the other

students. The education system is flawed. It does not teach students how to live their future lives, it only teaches them how to live through school. The Education System is flawed. It is overworking students with tedious assignments that are almost completely useless. The Education System is flawed.


But there is a way to fix it. We can personalize student education for their future careers. We can motivate creativity by stimulating students to follow their own agendas. We can get rid of all the tiresome tedious tests and this outdated aggravating style of learning, and we can make education great again.


Pros and Cons of the Current Education System



Never Ending

The current Education System is a never ending process. From as soon as you are born you can go to preschool, where you go through a similar process to primary school, which is again repeated in high school. After high school, you can go to an even higher form of schooling, such as polytech or university. Even after that, in a continually evolving society, there are ample opportunities for a wide range of part time and full time education. This means that nearly everything is sorted for you, and the education system will be an easily accessible process.



The current education system is (arguably) relatively cost effective, and is easy to join and progress through. The students’ parents simply have to sign up, pay, and their children will be on the path to learning. Every child also has the right to go to school, so everyone can go.



In most schools you are able to be involved in a wide range of groups and activities, and thus be exposed to a huge range of experiences and people.





The current education system is aggravating to most students. Students find it so aggravating, that for a very long time, there has been a stereotype of students who hate school. Many students dislike school because for most of us, knowing that we are wasting our time learning useless things like algebra frustrates us. Some are content with telling themselves that they will need things like algebra in the future, but it’s not true… It’s really not…


People use algebra unconsciously, for example you’re a buying a bunch of apples and you don’t know the price, so you just guess a price in your head. This would be an X in an equation. But you don’t need algebra to solve this situation. It’s not like you’re going to be in the mall and just whip out a piece of paper and start doing algebra, you can just look at the price. This is the only example I could think of anyone using algebra, but if you actually did have to use it, then you would just learn it. Forcing a class full of kids to learn things that only a small percentage of them will use, (if any) is only creating a negative impact on these students.



Easy to Manipulate

The current education system is very easy to manipulate. Some students find the assignments and task so tedious that they put in the bare minimum, or they cheat. It’s far easier, they usually get away with it and they get the same result that they would have gotten from doing it properly. The answers are usually easy to find, and in any case, they are eventually revealed by the teacher or a fellow student. That takes no effort, doesn’t exercise your mind at all, and motivates students to care less.


Counterproductive Learning

In the current Education System, my learning is counterproductive. My goal is to become an author, so I should be learning how to become an author. Everything else I learn in school is useless to me. Math is only useful for a math career, the same as science, english and social studies are only useful for the careers they are involved with. There is no point in me learning any of these subjects, as I never plan to use them in the future. You can argue that doing these subjects makes your mind more flexible, but there is a far better way of doing this, as you will hear in My Education System.


My Education System

Here is what would happen if we were to adopt my education system, instead of the flawed system we are forced to live with. Imagine that from birth to the age of 5, we were to crawl our way to preschool. There will be two sections of the preschool, one for the babies and toddlers and one for the older children. The teachers and caregivers will take care of the children while the parents are at work. The parents are a big part of a child’s education. I’ll talk more about that later and Ciann Moore.


At preschool we learn our Core Subjects: math, life skills and literature. We need to know math, so we can count how many apples we have. Not being able to at least do basic arithmetic is a huge disadvantage…


We need life skills, so we know how to talk to our fellow toddlers respectfully and to make sure we’re eating enough apples. Children need to be taught how to eat healthy from a young age.

An example of kids who didn’t get taught what unhealthy food can do to your body is Ciann Moore, a New Zealand boy who almost went blind from eating too many chicken nuggets. This proves that unhealthy food can have some serious negative effects. The information that the children get should also reach their parents, as it is apparent that some of them have a few lessons to learn.


We will also learn how to become good people through life skills. We will be taught to respect every individual equally, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexuality. Through this type of education system, schools could help prevent a generation of sexistism, raceistsm and descrimination against different sexualitites. Think about every time you’ve heard someone disrespect someone because of their gender, race or sexualitity and really consider that we could stop, or at the very least reduce this discrimination. Obviously we’d take it easy on such hefty topics, the teachers aren’t about to go all out on a bunch of preschoolers.


We also need writing, because without it we’d all be hopelessly lost. We can’t get a job without a CV, and we can’t get a CV unless we can write.


Without writing, there would be no shows, no movies, no way to order my apples since there would be no menu, it would all be very dull. Finally I need reading, so I know what these things I’m writing about mean, and so I can understand when someone texts me how many apples they have.


Now that we’ve progressed to bigger kids (aged 5) it’s off to Middle School. Each year group only needs one classroom, where we reinforce our Core Subjects and learn many different things. Throughout the following eight years of primary school, we will be taught about nearly every single career that exists in the world… or pretty close to it. If we find a career that catches our eye then we can learn some more about it and the other jobs that surround it, and if it doesn’t sound like the perfect job, then we can carry on searching with the rest of the class.


In my education system, to reduce aggravation in students, we would get rid of the tests. Tests only help you get through the next stage of learning in school, and in the current education system, they only teach us what’s in the test. My education system is about the students learning what they are passionate about.


So our Middle School educational experience will be very hands on. For instance if it was time to learn about nature, and the careers that revolve around it, our teacher would take us to a nature reserve, or something of the sort. We’d get to poke bugs and pick apples, and the teacher will teach us about the trees, and global warming, and all the jobs that are involved in nature. Then for the people who are not practical learners the class gets to write about what they learnt and what their experience was like. This will reinforce their knowledge on it. Learning all these different subjects will certainly make students minds more flexible.


In life skills, we would also learn about kind of person we are, and what kind of jobs would be good for us. If I was an extrovert, then what job do you think would be good for me? Maybe I wanted to work in an office, but just wouldn’t be very good at it because of the way brain works. Or maybe I’m an introvert who doesn’t have great social skills, but wanted to be a social worker. Some jobs just don’t match to the type of person you are.


Now at last we’ve finally reached high school, and hopefully we know what we want to do with our lives! So to take myself as an example, I’m going to work in a trade as a money earner, and whenever I find spare time I’m going to write my way to becoming an Author! If I was a student who hadn’t found out what they wanted to be after 8 years, then I would continue searching and I know I’d get heaps of support. While I would still be searching, I’d work in a well paying occupation, such as a trade. In year 12 we will start learning how to live our future lives, by learning how to pay the bills and buy/rent a house. Then in yr 13 we get to learn how to drive a car, and continue learning practical life skills.


High school will be open for anyone over the age of 12. This means that if you’re someone who has decided to change their current career or you’re an adult who somehow missed an education then you can go back to school and do that.


Pros and Cons of My Education System



Personalized Learning

Each student gets to learn exactly what they want to learn, and they get heaps of time and support to find out what that is.


Core Subjects

Each student will get to learn how to do maths, starting from low level and going higher, the same with the way they learn how to read and write, how to respect all humans equally, and how to keep themselves alive with life skills.  


Happier School Life

Each student will be much happier and have a more positive outlook on school. This is because they are learning what they are passionate about. I know that if I got to write all day, I’d be ecstatic every day on my way to school. What is someone supposed to do all day in a modern school when they are passionate about being a cop? Or a pilot?


Same Pros as current Education System

My Education System will still have the same pros, but they may slightly differ. It will still be relatively low cost, but there may have to be more teachers for high school, in classes that are popular with students. It will still be a never ending process, as you can stay at school, learn more about your career and hang out with your friends for as long as you want. Not only would you have the same opportunities, you would also have way more, since you have so many career options. And it will be just as social, especially with life skills.


Guaranteed Backup Job

My Education System will assure students that they will always be able to keep a steady source of income. They are taught about the trades and how useful they are, and are assisted in finding employment in them.  



Each student will have freedom to grow and explore the many careers that are presented to them. They won’t feel the same frustration and stress that is commonly felt throughout the current education system, and won’t have to bend to its many rules and strict curriculum. The teachers also get freedom from the very strict rule based way they have to teach in the current education system. Students will also be motivated to learn since they are learning what they are passionate about.




You May Never Find Your Dream Career

In the unlikely chance that after 8 years or primary school and 4+ years of high school a student has not found their dream career, then there are a few ways around it. They can find a job they may not find completely ideal, but still pays them well. Then they can live a life outside of a career.


You May Keep Switching Your Career

If a student is 100% set on a particular career, and then eventually quits, and repeats the cycle over and over, then again there are a few ways around that. They can do the same thing they would do if they never found one, or they could just pick a career that they are good at and is well paying, and do that until they have matured and hopefully found their dream career.


The Same Aggravation may be Felt

There is a possibility that students may be anxious about not finding their future career, and begin to feel aggravated. If this happened to a student then the teachers would be there to support them and reassure them that they will find their dream job, or at least have a substantial income in their future life.  


You May Have to Sacrifice for Your Job

If a student is very passionate about their job, and they can’t do their job in the country they are currently in then the may have to move to a different country. They would be sacrificing all their family and friends for their career, but they will likely find some more in their new country.


Emotions Affecting Decisions

Some younger people take a while to mature, and in the meantime they tend to let their emotions overrule their decisions. This would be a very big issue since kids are making big decisions like choosing their future career. Hopefully once they have grown in age and maturity they will be able to decide on their future career, but it is not a certainty.


Education Kicks in at Different Times for People

It seems that everybody has a different time in their lives that they become motivated to learn. I have always been motivated to learn, but some people find that it takes them until they are well into their adult life before they feel that desire. This would be a big issue in my education system, as much of the students early learning revolves around their desire to learn about their future career.


For me, living in my education system would be a dream come true. An education system, that lets students grows as people. An education system, where students get to learn what they want to learn. An education system, where students will have a more positive view on school. An education system that I wish existed.




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     The news, my friends and family

© Noah McKay 24/12/2017


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